Quality and Innovative Solutions in supporting your business

We share your enthusiasm for your business

Rai Way shares your passion for your business: the Company is by your side at all stages of network development, from design and site selection through to implementation, management and maintenance. Latest generation telecommunications and broadcasting networks require significant investment and a considerable commitment to ensure increasingly high quality levels. In this challenge, customers can count on high profile people and skills that are part of our wealth as a company.


We take television and radio to the end user by providing quality and capillary coverage for the broadcasting of our customers’ video and audio signals.

  • Rai Way provides terrestrial and satellite and analog and/or digital broadcasting services through its networks;
  • Rai Way is able to provide “turnkey” solutions for broadcasting and transmission networks.


We enable video and audio signals to “travel” throughout the world, linking the locations where key events are taking place with the editing rooms and our customers’ offices.

  • Rai Way is able to provide audio, video and data transmission services, dedicated point-to-point connections, permanent urban links, occasional network services and “ad hoc” solutions designed to satisfy all the specific needs of a customer.

Tower Rental

We host our customers’ antennas and equipment on our sites.

  • Preliminary feasibility study;
  • Carrying out site surveys to provide customers with the elements needed to assess the suitability of the site for hosting their networks;
  • Availability of space on the Rai Way space for mounting antennas on the support structures and the production and positioning of the transmission equipment;
  • General maintenance of the site and civil infrastructure.

Network Services

  • Advice in the electronic communications network definition process: from site and frequency planning to the construction and implementation of the equipment, the connections and the infrastructure, as well as site maintenance;
  • Specialized services in the radio protection sector: NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) measures and specific technical advice;
  • Flexible modular training for acquiring and transferring skills on our products and services.