Quality and Innovative Solutions in supporting your business

Solutions for your business

Rai Way is able to provide each of its customers with an efficient business solution, effective for each market and specific to their needs. The technical excellence and specialised know-how that Rai Way personnel have generated over decades is unrivalled, and will be available to you throughout the whole network development process: from planning and design to maintenance, offering you the highest level of service quality, consistent with the latest generation networks, and following the latest technological developments.

All services on fixed, mobile and broadcasting networks requiring on-site interventions by specialists can be provided 7 days a week across Italy, and comprise the following four types of activity:


We bring Television and Radio services to end users, offering quality and widespread coverage for the broadcasting of our customers' audio and video signals.

  • terrestrial and satellite, analogue and digital broadcasting services;
  • “turnkey” solutions for transmission and broadcasting networks.


We enable audio and video signals to flow all over the world, connecting people attending major events, editorial boards and our customers' offices, as a result of:

  • audio, video and data transmission services, dedicated point-to-point connections, fixed infrastructure in urban environments, temporary network services, and ad-hoc solutions aimed at meeting every specific customer requirement.

Tower Rental

Our sites host customers' antennas and equipment, providing:

  • preliminary feasibility studies;
  • site surveys to provide customers with useful information to assess the suitability of the site to locate their networks;
  • space to install antennas on the support structures at the Rai Way sites, and the installation and positioning of transmission equipment;
  • general maintenance of the site and civil infrastructure.

Network Services

  • The provision of consulting services for the design of electronic communications networks: from the planning of sites and frequencies to the production and installation of systems, connections and infrastructure, as well as site maintenance;
  • specialist services in the radio protection sector: NIR (Non-Ionizing Radiation) measurements and specific technical consultancy;
  • modular and flexible training providing knowledge and transfer of skills regarding our products and services.