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Satellite Network

Rai Way, besides the terrestrial network, manages also a Satellite network that performs the following tasks: live broadcasting at national and international levels; contribution to the TV for broadcasting and shots on location; back-up to the terrestrial network.

In particular the Satellite network is useful for 3 purpose

  • As back-up for the terrestrial radio links in the contribution services
  • Broadcasting service to cover Europe, Nord Africa and some areas in Middle East with RAI's Channels
  • Broadcasting of Rai programs in the rest of the world through a complex satellite network which avails itself of many third operators

Throughout Europe and Mediterranean area, Rai Way carries out the satellite broadcasting of Rai digital TV and Radio programs via the Hot Bird 9 satellite (at 13° Est). Transmissions are unencrypted with the exception of only a few programmes for which Rai holds the rights only for Italy and which are instead encrypted.

The entire RAI's programming can be received through the free satellite platform called Tivùsat. To access to tivùsat è is simple, you only need a satellite dish oriented to Eutelsat 13° East, a certificate Tivùsat device and a smart card, that can be activated in few minutes.