Know-how and Infrastructures for your Network Development

Rai Way transmission network

Rai Way transmission network, completed during 2003 and undergoing continuous expansion, covers the entire national territory through approx 120 stations connected by digital radio SDH (4GHz) technology, satellite and fibre optic connections and is able to supply the following functions:

  • Contribution: audio-video exchange between several points on national territory
  • Distribution: transport of regional and national radio and television programmes to any transmitting centre
  • Service: an additional transmittal capacity of the system

Rai Way transmission network possesses all the necessary capabilities to meet the specific requirement of radio and TV production:

  • the dynamic reconfiguration of circuits, which makes it flexible and adjustable to different operational requirements
  • possibility of inserting - in all the network access point- radio and TV signals sent from the sites of broadcasting and shooting on location by means of mobile radio lifts
  • access to the mobile radio links
  • permanent fiber optic links with the most important venues in Roma Milano and Torino for Sport, political and news events

In terms of quality and availability of links, Rai Way network complies with the related international rules and regulations.

In particular, the network levels of quality and availability are those envisaged by the ITU rules - and an availability time of the longest link which can be identified on the network not lower than 99.9% of the year is envisaged.