Know-how and Infrastructures for your Network Development

Human Capital

The Company’s leadership is founded on technical expertise enhanced with a continual focus on training and development of know-how, organisation and integration, as well as a constant emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Rai Way can rely on a highly qualified workforce that harmoniously combines the wealth of experience originating from the outset of Italy’s broadcasting history, a strong commitment to innovation and a focus on digital technologies.

Human resources have been identified as a critical strategic factor for Rai Way. As such, the Company is continually confronted with the challenge to attract, incentivise, motivate and retain key resources whose technical and managerial skills and varied profiles, genders and experiences are a critical factor to our success.

In line with our values and the principle rules for the value creation, sustainable results and continued commitment to our Stakeholders, Rai Way:

  • implements its selection and recruitment policies in accordance with meritocratic and equal opportunities principles, through transparent and impartial procedures to ensure recruitments to promote the development of the Company's competitive position;
  • implements a remuneration policy in line with corporate strategies, according to a “pay for performance” model for managerial roles;
  • adopts objective criteria for the remuneration, management and development of employees with the aim of ensuring a broad spectrum of professional skills, also by way of the implementation of organisational and remunerative analyses in line with the best practices defined for listed companies;
  • has an open approach and active relationship with the school and university network to promote new ideas and projects through training initiatives with its own industry professionals, work placements, internships and grants in fields that are of particular interest to the Company;
  • offers structured technical, specialist, managerial and safety training courses to support the development of core skills such as leadership, innovation and digital awareness, company requirements and technical processes;
  • adopts a structured welfare system, implements HR management procedures aimed at respecting diversity and equal opportunities and promotes to develop corporate organisational culture, the work ethic, leadership and innovation, change management and teamwork skills.

Top Employers Italy Certification

Top Employers certification is based on an independent analysis study of objective company data, which recognises Rai Way's achievements in offering good working conditions for employees, implementing training and development policies across all company levels and developing human resources management strategies, as well as its commitment to continually improving HR policies and practices.

In this respect, the certification - representing a benchmark in employer standards – integrates the institutional cultural dimension composition of Rai Way with the overall qualitative excellence and open market approach of a listed company.