Know-how and Infrastructures for your Network Development

Human Capital

The Company’s leadership has its foundations in a technical excellence constantly enhanced by a drive towards training, support of the development of know-how, organization and integration, and by a continuous emphasis on Customer Satisfaction.

Rai Way is able to count on a staff of highly qualified people who in a harmonic and synergic manner combine the long experience provided by the history of broadcasting with significant innovation and digital orientation.

It is precisely because human resources are a strategic factor that Rai Way’s challenge consists in attracting, incentivizing, motivating and retaining those people who, due to their technical and managerial skills and different profiles, background and experience are a key factor in the Company’s success.

Consistent with its values and its main cornerstones of the generation of value, the sustainability of results and the maintenance of its commitments towards all its stakeholders, Rai Way:


  • bases its selection and hiring policies on merit, with full respect for equal opportunities, through transparent and impartial paths to ensure intakes suitable for the development of competitive positioning;
  • implements a remuneration policy linked to business strategies, established in accordance with a “pay for performance” criterion for the management group;
  • uses objective criteria for the remuneration, management and development of its employees, with the aim of ensuring a pluralism of professional skills by utilizing organizational analysis and remunerative diagnoses, consistent with the best practices carried out by listed companies;
  • opens the Company’s borders to an active relationship with the school and university network for the generation of new ideas and projects through initiatives based on training with its “masters of the trade”, school-work rotation, traineeships and reward programs based on issues of particular business interest;
  • envisages detailed training paths at a technical-specialist, managerial and safety level in order to develop core skills such as leadership, innovation and digital awareness, business needs and technical processes;
  • implements a detailed welfare plan, ensures that human resource management is geared to a respect for diversity and equal opportunities and fosters initiatives for developing a corporate organizational culture, work ethics, leadership and innovation, change management and an increase in team working.


The Company’s organizational structure of over 600 staff, which blends different professional paths and skills in Rai Way, sees around 70% of its personnel directly active in the local area (at 23 different locations) as a means of ensuring the best possible management of the networks and of supporting customer operating structures to the utmost.

Certification Top Employers Italia

The Top Employers certification is the results of a research carried out with independent methodology and on objective data, which recognized the excellence of Rai Way in the working conditions offered to its employees, in training and development policies common to all corporate levels and in HR management strategies, and the commitment to continuous improvement of policies and practices within HR.

Benchmarking with best practice adds the overall dimension of qualitative excellence and opening up to the market as a listed company to our institutional and cultural basis.