Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Rai Way Board of Directors has exclusive responsibility for managing the company and works with the diligence required by the nature of its role and on the basis of the specific skills held by its individual members.

The Board of Directors is invested with all administrative powers over the Company and the right to carry out all those actions held necessary or opportune to implement the company purpose, excluding only those actions that the By-Laws reserves for the Shareholders' Meeting. The methods of operation and the responsibilities of the administrative body are governed by specific regulations, adopted by the Board in compliance with legal, regulatory and By-Law provisions.

Election of the Board of Directors is carried out through a voting-list system, on the basis of lists presented by Shareholders who, individually or with others, hold Rai Way shares with voting rights that represent at least 2.5% of the share capital, or a lower percentage established under irrevocable legal or regulatory provisions.

For more information about the powers of the Board of Directors and the methods used to appoint its members, please refer to the Current By-laws.

The Rai Way Board of Directors has nine members, all appointed by the Shareholders, in office until approval of the Financial Statements at 31 December 2019. The cited Directors - of which six hold the requirements for independence established under the law and the Code of Conduct for listed companies prepared by the Corporate Governance Committee for listed companies established by Borsa Italiana S.p.A., and four belong to the less-represented gender, are the following:

Name   Role
Raffaele Agrusti   Chairman
Aldo Mancino   Chief Executive Officer
Joyce Victoria Bigio   Director (independent)
Fabio Colasanti   Director (independent)
Anna Gatti   Director (independent)
Umberto Mosetti   Director (independent)
Donatella Sciuto   Director (independent)
Gian Paolo Tagliavia   Director
Paola Tagliavini   Director (independent)