Know-how and Infrastructures for your Network Development

We bring television and the world into Italians’ homes



Rai Way is a leading provider of integrated network infrastructure and services for broadcasters, telecommunications operators, corporates and the public administration. The Company uses its own assets and skills to provide services to its customers broadcasting TV and radio contents in Italy and abroad.


To become the leading Italian Provider of network infrastructure and services for broadcasters and telecommunications operators.



Infrastructure and Regional Presence

Leveraging on a range of platforms, approximately 2,300 sites located across Italy and an extended transmission and broadcasting network, Rai Way offers technologically advanced solutions and support to its clients through its central offices in Rome, 23 regional offices, a National Transmission Network Control Centre in Rome and a National Broadcasting Network Control Centre in Milan.


Know how

Thanks to the competence, specific training and continuous professional development of our employees and the cultural heritage passed down from the technicians who built Italy’s very first radio and television networks, Rai Way is the most experienced company in its field in Italy and is recognised among the best  at a global level.


Infrastructure and the capabilities of its resources enable Rai Way to offer Broadcasting Services, Transmission Services, Tower Rental Services and Network Services.


Besides RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana, our main client, Rai Way services are also aimed at:

  • National and international broadcasters
  • Telecommunications operators
  • Public authorities and Law enforcement agencies
  • Corporates

Being a leading supplier of mission-critical services to Rai and backed by an extensive experience in analogue transmissions, Rai Way has promptly and reliably finalised the development of Digital Terrestrial Television to enable the Parent Company to transmit and broadcast digital activities.

The next important challenge in the digital development process is the transition to DVB-T2 and the introduction of new compression standards to enable the broadcasting of an increasing number of high definition productions.

Our Background

Rai Way was founded on 01 March 2000 following the transfer of the “Transmission and Broadcasting Division” business unit of RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana S.p.A.

This move resulted in the transfer of RAI's broadcasting and transmission systems and infrastructure to Rai Way, as well as the heritage of professional know-how such as technological expertise in the field of radio and television transmission and broadcasting.


Since 19 November 2014, following the Global Sales Offer promoted by the shareholder Rai, Rai Way shares have been traded on the Italian Equity Market (MTA) managed by Borsa Italiana, strengthening the company’s entry onto the market and the enhancement of its activities.

In this business context, Rai Way is committed to the application of effectiveness and efficiency criteria in the development of projects for its Clients, both Rai, as public service broadcaster, and third parties, as well as the creation of value for investors.