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Commitment Quality

ISO9001:2015 certification for planning and design services

As part of a more wide-ranging process aiming to further enhance the Company as a leader in television and radio signal transmission and broadcasting, Rai Way has initiated a path of obtaining ISO9001:2015 certification designed to ensure the provision of products and services of the utmost quality and technological innovation, consistent with its commitment to ensuring increasing satisfaction for its customers.

Main purpose of Rai Way is by far to earn the trust of the customer and the parties involved and keep it over time.

In this context the Company obtained its first ISO9001:2015 certification in the “Design and planning of systems and networks for television and radio signal transmission and broadcasting” at the end of 2016. 

Ultimate purpose of the certification process initiated is for Rai Way to have the whole policy and systems of quality management oriented on the performance of objectives that are in line with the market expectations also thanks to the state-of-the-art technological and organization level reached. In this respect, the Company is committed to continuing along its path to Certification ISO9001:2015, by extending its scope to the provision of all services offered.

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