Know-how and Infrastructures for your Network Development

National Control Centres

The Rai Way control and remote control rationalization process expedited in 2002 entailed setting up two separate control centres, one in Rome - the National Transmission Network Control Centre - and one in Milan - the National Broadcasting Network Control Centre - which led to the optimization of competences and specializations and of backup systems.

The National Transmission Network Control Centre

The National Control Centre of Rai Way transmission network, which is located in Rome, plays a leading role in the configuration, management and monitoring of transmission circuits; more specifically

  • Network Configuration of broadcasting and transmission services
  • Security system management of the installations under the remote surveillance of Rai Way
  • Management of network restoring interventions after an alert signal
  • Quality Monitoring of services
  • Remote surveillance of installations
  • Help desk

The centre's service improvement activities are increasingly focused on a high degree of automation in the connection generating capacity (greater speed, more efficiency, use optimization and, with an equivalent capacity, greater path redundancy) with the aim of further improving service quality and continuity.

The National Broadcasting Network Control Centre

Situated in Milan, it plays a leading control and monitoring function by guaranteeing the efficiency of broadcasting stations present on the territory.

At present, it operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it constitutes a national point of reference for any possible breakdown in operations.

The continuous upgrading and optimization of control software and an extended use of digital connections, also thanks to Rai Way radio link network capacity, which has made it possible to deliver a larger amount of information for the control and remote control of major automated broadcasting centres, provides considerable benefits in terms of service continuity and regularity.